Philosophy Modular Lab-Cabinet

3 piece Labo Philosophy cabinet with black wood finish & White Color Bar – harmonious and functional design. Ideal piece of furniture for daily hair-care techniques in the shampoo station of the salon. Bottom part: Black laminate with baseboard eaves including, 4 opening doors with on cleat adjustable shelves, 2 large drawers .Laminate work surface fitted with stainless steel sink with bench on the right and faucets (Faucets and plumbing to be ensured by your professional installer). 2000 x 550 x 930 3 upper cabinets : Black laminate , each including, 2 opening doors, 1 cleat-adjustable shelf. To be wall-mounted, screws to be supplied by your installer depending on the type of walls. 2000 x 400 x 520 White Color Bar : White laminate to be wall-mounted. Storage space for hair dying tubes, adjustment of tubes intervals. 1730 x 450 x 22 With white partitions, adjustable to your hair dying tubes size. Screws to be supplied by your professional installer depending on the type of walls to ensure the best stability of the wall-mounted furniture.

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