Central Styling Unit WATSON 2 seater C

WATSON 2-seater central styling unit, design by Julie GAILLARD, epoxy steel structures, two shapes of mirrors, round or rectangular with wooden frame to blend harmoniously with your bespoke style of salon. They are fitted with 1 drawer per seater, 1 hair-dryer holder, and 1 chrome steel footrest integrated to the whole structure, 1 customer’s handbag holder, 1 round small model tray made of resin / marble effect, to display a bottle or any other vials frequently used by hairstylists (styling station without PS : power socket). Colors of the steel structure seat epoxy black/white/gold/powdery pink Selection of wood finish from the CINDARELLA range. Round mirror: Steel structure gold or powdery pink. Round mirror: Steel structure black or white. Rectangle mirror : Steel structure gold or powdery pink. Rectangle mirror : Steel structure black or white. Delivered partly assembled, mirror to be fixed to supports for that purpose.

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